What Jigsaw Blade do I need to cut Laminate? Reciprocating Saw Blades

What Jigsaw Blade do I need to cut Laminate?

30/11/-0001 Post By: George H

Jigsaw Blades used to cut Laminate

Laminate flooring is manufactured using layers of different materials. There are four layers to laminate flooring; these are the wear layer, design layer, inner core and the backing layer. The wear and design layer are what gives Laminate it’s look. A clear, plastic surface followed by the design print. The inner core of laminate is a high-density fibreboard that provides resistance against moisture. The backing is a moisture barrier than prevents the laminate floor from warping. The main material in Laminate is fibreboard, and a normal blade designed for wood will not be capable of cutting through this with a clean cut.

There are two blades that are highly recommended for cutting through Laminate. These are both Bosch blades that will result in a clean, smooth cut in your Laminate flooring.

Bosch U1A0F

The Bosch U1A0F comes in a pack quantity of 3 and these blades are designed especially for Laminate flooring. With a working Length of 1.5mm – 15mm, these blades are perfect for cutting through any Laminate flooring no matter how thick it is. The gap between each tooth on these blades is just 1.4mm, which results in an extremely smooth cut. The fitting for this blade is a U shank, which means a screw will be required to fit it to your tool. Please make sure the blade is compatible with your tool before ordering.

Bosch U1BIF

The Bosch U1BIF, similarly to the U1A0F, is a pack quantity of three and will ease through Laminate flooring with a smooth cut. It has an identical working length to the U1A0F; however, it has a longer distance between each tooth by 0.3mm which means each gap is 1.7mm. The cut is not as clean as the U1A0F, but it is still a very clean cut. As a result of the wider gap, it is significantly faster than the U1A0F.  This blade also has a U shank, which means a screw is needed to fit it to your tool. Please check to see if your tool will fit this blade before purchasing.

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