What blades cut through Ceramics materials? Reciprocating Saw Blades

What blades cut through Ceramics materials?

30/11/-0001 Post By: George H

What blades should you use to cut Ceramics?

Ceramics are very delicate, which means you need to be using the correct blade when cutting through a ceramic material. Otherwise, the material could shatter along with the blade being damaged. It is important to use the correct blade, and this blog will provide you with recommendations on what blades to use to cut ceramic materials cleanly and safely. There are three recommendations, each from a different manufacture.

Black and Decker – DX26031

This Black and Decker blade designed for ceramics is a solid blade that will do the job when cutting ceramics. The total length of the blade is 80mm, so it has a long working length for cutting through ceramics. The length of the blade indicates the long life of the blade.

Bosch – T130RIFF

The Bosch T130RIFF is designed specifically for cutting ceramic materials. The total length of this blade is 83mm, and has a working length between 5mm and 15mm. This is more than enough or cutting through the thin ceramic materials. This blade provides a straight, fast, coarse cut and has a T shank fitting, so it will fit to most modern Jigsaws.

DeWalt – DT2102-QZ

The DeWalt DT2102 blade is for cutting Ceramics. The blade features a long working length of 50mm, and a total length of 75mm. The blade has a straight, coarse, fast cut with a T shank so it should fit most modern Jigsaws. The long working length allows you to cut through thicker ceramic material.

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