How do you cut wood with a Jigsaw? Reciprocating Saw Blades

How do you cut wood with a Jigsaw?

30/11/-0001 Post By: George H

How to cut wood with a Jigsaw

One of the reasons why a Jigsaw is so widely used and highly rated is that they can cut through wood; and not just in a straight line, but also with curved and scrolled cuts. Jigsaws are not designed for creating fast, long and straight cuts.

When cutting through wood with a Jigsaw, there are numerous things to consider to make sure you can start and finish the cut. It will depend on the blade you are using, but it’s recommended to not cut through wood it it’s thicker than 1 and a half inches thick. If it’s hard wood, this recommendation drops to ¾ of an Inch. When cutting through a thicker material, the jigsaw has a potential to bend, especially when curve cutting.

Using a plunge cut blade

When using a plunge cut blade, there will be a sharp edge at the end of a blade. This is designed to puncture the material before making a cut. This makes it easier to start your cut. Plunge cutting is best to be used in soft materials, such as cardboard, rubber and other soft materials. If you don’t have a plunge cut, but you still need a starting point, you may have to drill a small hole into your starting position so you can start cutting with the blade.

Fast cutting

When trying to make a fast cut with a Jigsaw blade, you will have to use a rougher blade that is designed for a rough cut. A rough cut can be necessary when the cut has to be fast, but you will have to sand down the rough cuts later on (if the end product has to be smooth).

How to cut

The shoe is your best friend when using a Jigsaw. It will allow you to get a more accurate cut. To start, place the shoe on the material; make sure the blade is facing away from the edge of the material. Turn on your Jigsaw and follow any guidelines you have drawn out. Try and cut just outside your guidelines so you have room for sanding the material after you’ve cut it. Move the saw forward to begin progressing with the cut, but don’t move it forward too fast or else the blade will wear down faster or even snap.

How to get an accurate straight cut

By using a Jigsaw normally, it’s unlikely that your cut will be completely straight; unless you have inhuman dexterity – which means you probably wouldn’t be using a Jigsaw. One method that can be used for your result to be a perfect straight cut is to use something called a fence. A fence lines up with the shoe of your Jigsaw. Hold down the fence by using a clamp or a vice, and while making your cut you should press the shoe against the fence. As long as your fence is properly secure, your end product will be a straight cut.

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