Jigsaw Blades for Specialist Tasks Reciprocating Saw Blades

Jigsaw Blades for Specialist Tasks

30/11/-0001 Post By: George H

Specialist Blades

Reverse Tooth Layout

With some blades, you will find that the tooth layout is reverse to a standard blade and they point down, away from the blade, rather than towards it. Reverse tooth blades allow the user to cut through materials that are known to splinter, for example laminate worktops and types of wood. A reverse tooth blade will cut these without them splintering, resulting in a cleaner cut.

Plunge Cut Blades

Some blades will have a sharp tooth at the end of the blade. This single “blade” is designed to pierce a hole into the material. This hole functions as a starting point for a cut. It is most effective in soft materials like soft woods, plasterboards, rubbers and carboard. These blades result in a smoother start to a cut

Blades for scrolling

Not all blades will be able to scroll cut (cut tight curves), and a lot of them will bend, break or snap while attempting it. Scrolling blades are designed specifically to cut materials with curved edges, making these ideal for adding a finishing touch to any project you have that needs amazing aesthetics. Scrolling blades are significantly thinner than normal types of blades which allows them to cut tightly.

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