How does a Jigsaw Blade work? Reciprocating Saw Blades

How does a Jigsaw Blade work?

30/11/-0001 Post By: George H

How does a Jigsaw Blade work?

Whether you’ve used of a Jigsaw blade or not, you might want to know how one actually works. How does that blade cut through the material so efficiently? Well, here are some answers to how a Jigsaw so elegantly cuts through wood, metal, plastic and many more materials.

The Jigsaw blade is powered by an electric motor, and this electric motor is controlled by the User. The tool has a trigger, and the user has to apply pressure on the trigger in order to power the blade. The more pressure you put on the trigger, the faster the blade will cut. Simple, right? The blade works in a reciprocating motion, similarly to a reciprocating saw. The motor causes this motion, which means when you do put a lot of pressure on the trigger, the blade will reciprocate much faster which leads to a faster cut.

How can I cut curves?

Jigsaw blades that are designed to make curved cuts are bevelled on the edges of the blade. As a result of the bevel, you can tilt the blade which will cause it to move in that specific direction. Not all blades have this feature, which is why some blades are designed for a straight cut whereas others are designed for a curved cut.

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