7 Creative DIY Projects using only a Jigsaw Reciprocating Saw Blades

7 Creative DIY Projects using only a Jigsaw

30/11/-0001 Post By: George H

7 creative projects using only a Jigsaw

1 – A wooden sofa sleeve holder

It’s Saturday night, you’ve put the TV on…but every time you want to get a drink, you have to lean all the way down to grab it off the floor, or fetch it from a table. Well, not anymore – With this sofa cup holder, you’ll only ever have to move to make a new drink.

2 – Wooden bookends

Books keep falling off the shelf? Or do you just want to add a finishing touch to make your book collection look even better. Well, you can easily make your own wooden bookends using only a Jisaw tools.

3 – Napkin Holder

Probably more convenient that you’d think, a napkin holder can look amazing on your table and is very useful at securing napkins. You could also make one for holding table mats.

4 – Pallet shelf

A pallet shelf is inexpensive to make, and is very useful. They can be used in the garage to hold tools, or can be installed in your kitchen to hold drinks or jars.

5 – A bath shelf

Read, drink and check your phone while bathing with a bath shelf. The shelf goes across your bath and the idea is to hold books, drinks or phones.

6 – Small storage box

Store your small valuables in a homemade DIY storage box

7 – Beer bottle holder

If you’re going for a few drinks at a friend’s house and you really want to impress, or if some friends are just coming to yours for a few drinks then a wooden beer bottle holder is perfect. It looks amazing, is easy to move and is relatively easy to craft.

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